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ROOM 7540 was established in 2014 as a creative content and media consultancy, conceived in the spirit of - and named after - the BBC's original interactive multimedia newsroom at Television Centre in London.

Visionary and adventurous digital media pioneers with experience stretching back to the boom and beyond inhabit ROOM 7540.

They include some of the individuals who helped create the foundations and design the architecture for present-day storytelling online; journalists and crews who created shareable content long before the advent of social media, creatives and techies who still lead the way in the fast-moving digital space race. 

ROOM 7540 is founded on firm foundations, with integrity and engaging storytelling at the heart of what we do. As a proactive partner, we work to shape the digital future in ways that ensure content is optimised. We constantly identify new ways to attract and satisfy audiences, to protect and enhance reputations, and to build trust.

To us, this is visionary thinking. To our clients, this is good for business.

ROOM 7540 - Born Digital in a time of fast-changing media habits

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