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Greater purpose

ROOM 7540 believes that sustainable living is about giving back more than you take away, to the environment, to society, to the economy.


The media, companies and organisations can build trust and loyalty among stakeholders if they believe they have a purpose alongside and beyond profits; if their growth also benefits society, without harming nature.


People engage with companies that aim for the best; companies that benefit rather than harm the world they share with customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.


Technological ingenuity

ROOM 7540 believes in the benefits derived from human ingenuity.


Its constant drive to come up with systemic innovations and technological breakthroughs makes it easier to live within our means and to limit our drain on the world's natural resources.


From insulation in houses and efficiency improvements in cars, to renewable energy and clean-tech innovation, efficiency is about reducing consumption while simultaneously retaining utility and pleasure - both in the short term and within a longer perspective.




Responsible living

ROOM 7540 believes modernity needs to be anchored in a commitment to quality and longevity, to culture and heritage, to sustainability and responsibility.


Modernity is not about fleeting fashion and mindless consumerism.

Instead, it is about lasting beauty that comes about as a result of a commitment to good design and craftsmanship.


It requires skills that connect us with people and nature. It results in creations that amplify the human emotions of joy and excitement, passion and grace.


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