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"Prose is architecture, not interior decoration."

Ernest Hemingway

Storytelling may be entertaining; at its pinnacle it may be art. Content may be engaging; it is certainly a product of creativity. But as means to an end, stories are also tools for conveying information. They inspire confidence and trust. They generate excitement and loyalty. Content is an essential part of storytelling. Seeing is believing.


At the heart of storytelling, as an essential part of any content, is delivery.


There's the mechanical yet artful delivery through digital multi-media, whether social, owned or earned. And then there's the human voice. Live. Right here. Right now.


Formulating a message to ensure it's going to work with your audience requires thought, tailoring and preparation. Tone of voice, timing and body language are as important as the narrative, which in turn needs to be supported by facts and figures and brought to life by examples and anecdotes.


Storytelling can be daunting. Getting it wrong can be painful. But get it right and you'll move mountains.

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