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“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Great stories - expressed as prose or images, graphics or video - are central to modern communications strategies. Narratives that are shaped to reflect an organisation's personality and behaviour reinforce and enhance reputation and trust.


Audience sentiment and share of voice are measurably affected by storytelling.


ROOM 7540 works with clients - newspapers and broadcasters, corporates and NGOs - to create bespoke content as the backbone for digital strategies that combine traditional and social media in ways that deepen their engagement with the people who matter the most; their audience, their communities, their employees, their customers, their shareholders.


We know it's effective, and we can prove it. Using metrics from distribution partners and methodology recognised across the communications industry, we work with specialists who analyse results in ways that do more than merely justify your budgets; together we'll learn lessons that aid our work to figure out which strategies are most effective, which tactics have the greatest impact, which stories carry the most weight.

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