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ROOM 7540 is a creative content and media consultancy that works with media organisations, corporates and organisations to develop narratives that reflect their values and beliefs; storylines that illustrate their commitment and behaviour. 


We understand the importance of focusing on the right messages in modern-day communications.


Journalists and programme makers are expected to deliver on both explicit and implicit promises to behave like responsible citizens. Transparency, honesty and integrity are vital ingredients of success. The same is true for corporates and organisations.


Getting it wrong often results in immediate exposure. Citizen journalism and social media are making everyone's views heard; instantly.


At the same time, the digital revolution is giving corporates and organisations the opportunity to speak with a broadcaster's or a publisher's voice. Competition for audiences is fierce.


ROOM 7540 creates shareable digital content to tell stories and convey messages that build trust and support among stakeholders.


We use digital tools in concert with traditional media to amplify coverage and to deepen engagement with communities.


Digital penetration and distribution helps establish and reinforce the positions of thought leaders. It builds support and advocacy at both the grassroot level and in the corridors of power. 


We're now in an era where every company is a media company, and the race is on to capture the attention of audiences everywhere.


The winners are those who make sure their voices are heard and whose messages are captivating.


ROOM 7540 is here to make sure you are one of them.

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